The Presence Cure

You can also read this article in Psychology Today here The greatest lesson I learned at a conference I facilitated for over fifty nonprofit leaders in Amsterdam earlier this month dates back to a troubled American teenager named Mark. Don’t Give Up on Me At sixteen years old, Mark had been expelled from a public […]

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The Loneliness of Working for Social Change

You can also read this article in Psychology Today here Ever since Sarah Wright and I started researching loneliness together about ten years ago, I have asked participants at my leadership conferences “Who here feels lonely sometimes?” at the beginning of a session I teach on how to create a culture of belongingness in organizations. […]

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Our Misguided Image of Masculinity Still Prevails

You can also read this article in Psychology Today here Many of us like to think of ourselves as enlightened when it comes to gender relations. Let’s consider just how enlightened we are with respect to two controversial and critical dimensions of how men and women interact: cooperation and aggression. Congratulations on Your Promotion! Now […]

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Why Our Narcissism is Growing

Many people claim that the entire social media business model enables narcissistic people to thrive. Is this true? Let’s take a deep dive. If it is in fact true, then this idea would be predicated on people being attracted to posts that attack others. Kind posts, by this reasoning, would not tend to incite as […]

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The Great Resignation of Engagement: 5 Lessons We Can Learn From ‘The Boss’

Are you feeling disconnected from work and others and struggling to renew your motivation?  Read Dr. Anthony Silard’s latest article in the International Business Times bit.ly/the-boss-and-resignation If you have enjoyed this article, you can receive similar articles by Dr. Anthony Silard in your email inbox. Every two weeks, we send the latest issue of The Art […]

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Too Much Viewing, Not Enough Listening

“My husband and I went out to dinner with another couple, and it was incredible that most of the time they were on their phones,” reports Monica, a wedding planner in Chicago who attended one of my recent conferences on Leadership in Times of Social Disconnection. “My friend posted on Facebook, ‘Having a great time […]

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The Challenge of Developing Meaningful Relationships in the Age of Distraction

I went for a walk around Lago di Albano (near Rome) this past weekend and was thinking about how there are two things we do in life: First, we choose how we want to live. Second, we live with what we choose.  I was reflecting on how I’ve made some choices in my life that […]

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How Envy Became the Roadblock to Genuine Friendship

This is Part Three of a three-part series.  If the emotion people experience on Facebook is primarily envy, it would be helpful to understand what motivates Facebook users that provokes this emotion in others. A number of psychologists set out to do exactly that.  The psychiatrist Ashwini Nadkarni of the Boston Medical Center reviewed forty-two […]

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One More Email, No Less Loneliness 

 This is Part One of a three-part series.  People used to believe that when we start to compete in any sport or game, such as football, chess or hang gliding, we compare ourselves with the masters of the game in order to give ourselves something ambitious to aim toward.  Until Leon Festinger came along.  Be Good, […]

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Our Shared Loneliness

A friend of mine lives in Healdsburg, a beautiful town in Northern California. A few years ago, David invited his aunt and uncle (in their mid-sixties) and his aunt’s mother (in her mid-eighties) over for Thanksgiving.  How Our Screens Divide Us  David’s uncle and aunt sat on the sofa and immediately turned on their iPads. […]

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