Please Support Our Kenya Food Aid Program

In this time of COVID, there is an urgent need for food among low-income Kenyan families and we need your help. Please watch this video with information from Dr. Anthony Silard.

The Center for Social Leadership has been working hard to raise funds for rural Kenyan families – especially single mothers, people with disabilities, the elderly and other underserved individuals – that have been hit hard by the pandemic and do not have enough food to get through this challenging time. You can donate today by clicking here:

Please take a few minutes to watch the following short video for more information on the story behind the cause, and how you can donate (100% of your donation goes directly to Kenyan families).

$15 helps support a Kenyan family for a month.

Please give what you can at We thank you also for sharing this information and getting the word out – a little goes a long way!

Watch here:

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