CSL Completes Social Change Leadership Conference for 100 Nonprofit Leaders in Mexico

The Center for Sustainable Leadership completed its first social change leadership conference in Mexico City for 85 Mexican nonprofit leaders this past August. One of the most poignant movements for me occurred when I asked the nonprofit directors why they wake up each morning and come into the office. A nun who works in an orphanage replied, “Cuando una niña se siente sola y no acompañada, acompañarla.” (When a young girl feels lonely and not accompanied by anyone, to accompany her.”)

Here is the evaluation: https://socialleaders.org/conference-evaluations-and-testimonials/

The nonprofit participants rated the program an average of 9.6 out of 10.

One-hundred percent stated they would recommend it to other nonprofit leaders.

Thanks to our team at the Faculty of Excellence program at Tec: Alejandro Poiré Miguel Toro Miguel Angel Santos Luis Alberto Serra Barragán Ph.D. Triana del Castillo Sierra Pablo De La Peña Sánchez Ignacio de la Vega Daniel Felipe Mullen Horacio Arredondo Miguel Valle Lourdes Epstein Cal y Mayor

Also thank you to our team at The Center for Sustainable Leadership at LUISS Business School for facilitating this wonderful partnership between Tec and Luiss: Raffaele Oriani Mathias Falkenstein matteo caroli Christian Lechner Enzo Peruffo Alessandra Perri

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